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These guys are greatttt. My attorney referred me. We just ended a nasty divorce and I didn't think it was possible for me to get a loan. Fantastic selection vehicles and super group of guys. 5 stars!!!!

amy foster

These guys are greatttt. My attorney referred me. We just ended a nasty divorce and I didn't think it was possible for me to get a loan. Fantastic selection vehicles and super group of guys. 5 stars!!!!

amy foster

Heard about them through a friend. Know many people who bought cars from them and everyone had good to say. My experience was excellent as sell. Great selection of cars and they worked with my credit. Thanks empire

megan surdell

I came to empire a little reluctant due to reviews. But I must say, they are the REAL deal. They are upfront with their deals. Anyone is literally approved!!! They will definitely get you in a car before you leave. I'm extremely satisfied with my vehicle. They took the time to look at the car with me and if i had any discrepancies, it was taken care of. I will refer my friends and family to this place. Regardless of the reviews, take the time and go there. Everyone's experience is different.

azul blue

5 stars

Experience was great it was fast and easy. They were completely honest and informative. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get into a new vehicle.

almando sanchez

Great Service

Great service! A little time consuming but when everything was said and done, my wife got a great vehicle at a decent price. Will do business with again.

ernie obrien

Very Friendly

Very friendly. I must say it's very hard trying to find the right car dealer. They seem fair and honest. We did not get a car,but not because they were not good. When we are ready we will definitely head back here to look for a car. Good place!

michael mosley

Great place to be

I was in a bad accident and left with no viecal and a bunch of a long list of issues with the situation they got me a even nicer safer eviorment friendly viecal I'm so happy now and very pleased .

Charry B

Great selection and easy to work with! I recommend them to anyone who has had challenges financially and needing to move forward with a car.

Jenny A

Excellent guys

This place was great! Every where else i went turned me down. These guys approved me on the spot and i drove home the same day. If your looking for a car in hurry and have troubled credit like myself, this is the place.

Michael p

I think these guy are wasome. I went to Ny to buy a car bad experience I came to them and they hook me up with my lex truck not that much down and they worked with me. Billy is the greatest.

Kathleen P

thanks so much

billy and oscar really were great. they worked hard for me to get the perfect loan. if you are in the market you will not regret to shop with these guys. i got a 3 year old dodge with only 40k miles still under factory warranty for only $1500 down. thanks guys

marcus t




great deal

hear the ad on the radio.went there and they got me right into a car. i have the worst credit in the world due to divorce. thanks guys

tommy engram

bad service

I found an ad for a vehicle on cars.com listed by this dealer when I contacted them about the vehicle I was told it was being "processed" they told me and that as soon as it was available they would let me know. then after the holiday weekend I got an email that said the vehicle was no longer available and the salesperson wanted me to give them a price range etc for the car I wanted it was obviously a scam to just get me in the door

antwon vargas

they really approved me

Always friendly service and even if the wait is beyond expected limit , they always offer a great deal! heard about them on the radio station and thought...hmmm everybody says you're approved and is never true. But this was the truth! thanks guys

toya wright


As soon as I walked in they took care of me. I was lost, and immediately pointed to the right direction. They were very knowledgeable about what I had to get done,they were really fast, and friendly as well. The manager, was funny too- which really helps when you're already anxious about car issues.

mike thomaston

special delivery

Friendly, helpful and competitive pricing. Great selection. The vehicle I was interested in was in stock but not the color I was looking for. The sales rep was able to locate the vehicle at a nearby dealer and arrange shipping. They also had great financing available.

ted michaud

they found just what i was looking for!

it was great. i told these guys what i was looking for and 3 days later they got me exactly that car. i have been car searing for three months and it was nothing but junks out there. the car was in great condition and drove real nice. delivery took longer than expected but overall everything was really good. i would go back again! thanks guys

jermaine rinuta


ill get right to the point. these guys were great. had more cars at the storage yard were i got my car from. process was drama free but car took forever to get. other than that car is great and no worries. good peoples

julio diaz

thank you guys

we saw the van in downtown so we figured we give it a try. me and the wife were not in a rush to make a purchase but when we arrived they took our trade off of us and got us in a car with only a 1000 down. process was a bit longer than we wanted but it was overall ok ! they were very helpful

james enderuo

nice deal and really fast

My wife and i had been looking for a pickup for a while. we came across this dealer who helped with troubled credit. i went for a truck i seen online and it was sold so they put me into another one at there other lot that just came in. we were the first to look at it and it they approved us instantly. great deal and the process was fast!!!

hector chavez

Never Again

Never again : i called the dealer for a specific car they told me that the car just came in and went off to emissions. i told them i was coming down to look at it. they said ok. i got there and they said something about the brain of the car was having electrical issues and couldn't be fixed with a guarantee so they didn't want to sell to me. drove 20mins for nothing!

tony glenn


called up and they did not have my car so they brought me to there other lot and i got the chance to hand pick what i wanted. it was really nice how they took care of me. i had a bad experience with a place in naugatuck so when i went there i was a little nervous to be honest. buying process took a little bit longer than i expected but it is what it is.

tommy green


my boy hookd me up wit the black kid that works there an he took care me on everything gave me a super discount n free tank of gas & after all that they had something wit rent a center next to my house n i even got hooked up by them on a sick flat screen......go see them

joe crack


ok so i did my research before hand and was nervous because i read nightmare reviews about them in new hampshire. i still went in because i had no choice my credit was beat. come to find out they were not even related. overall good people but they need a bigger office. the place was packed and everyone was in one little place so it was hard to here.

jerome mcdavis

this is real

after going almost everywhere for a loan and being turned down we found this place. we thought that this was just going to be another bait and switch. they actually approved us while we were waiting and i mean it was fast. we got the car 3 days later and it was the best thing to happen to us after we both lost our jobs and been out of work for nearly a year. we recommend to everyone with bad credit

jorge torres

Nice Selection!!!

first off everywere i went said i needed a co signer and wanted me to put $5k down on my own. Everybody else wanted to show me ford taurus or focus or some junk like that. This place was great. they had there office with a nice amount of cars and a second lot down the street for storage packed to the brim with nice rides. they let me pick my choice and i only need $2500 down all on my own. this place rocks!!!

ricky sanchez


really good deal on my new ride. was looking all over for this car and one place had it in NJ but told me my credit was not acceptable and i needed a cosigner. this place did not care about my credit and the car is the hottest around!

tim dunkin


i bought the car and 4 weeks later it broke down. i had to tow it back and they fixed it. they told me it was a bad starter. they fixed it but i was just wondering why it wasn't fixed before i bought it. at least i had a warranty with them! Can anyone tell if a starter is bad beforehand?? well its over and car is perfect. i waited another month before i put this review up just so i can make sure the car was really good.

michael d

buying finally simple

i went everywhere. everyone had a story for me..my friend for instagram told me about this place. i went there and end of story. it was finally done. i don't understand why they could do it but the big dealers couldnt! VERY HAPPY

jose torres

service was good

my car broke down and everybody else wanted a million dollars to fix. these guys had me in and out in 2 hrs for only $75. they told me most people just lie to get the commission of the repair..they didn't though.

greg adamson

simple and short

wow i got there add from a magizine went in with my paystubs and drove home in a real nice tl acura the next day..it was dirty they just said to come back because of the weather. also gave me free oil changes. real nice and honest people.

tim mccgray

great car

car was great and they did emissions for me so i don't have to do it. we all know how much of a nightmare emissions is lol. good place to go. these guys are cool.

alex henry

thanks guys

excellent deal...great car...it wasn't super clean but they said i could come back when the weather got better for a freebie

joey f

wow only had to put down $1000.00 and I really was approved...my bff also bought a car and just because I recommended her I got $200 cash

mike shurmada

sweeet deal

it really worked!!!they got me approved and the vehicle was sweet.. I recommend every one to come here!!!!thanks billy

tony thomas

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